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Are you looking for PAS Card
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PAS Card has been renamed and is now called neXus. As a former customer to PAS Card, you will recognize our product range and find all the products you are used to.

neXus is represented in eight countries and is a leading international provider of security solutions and services for Identity and Access Management (IAM). Our solutions protect both physical and digital assets. neXus solutions, products and services ensure that the right people get the right access at the right time, wherever they are, whether it's about passing through a door or logging on to a computer.

In our product range you will find everything around smart cards, RFID products and systems for Company ID. We always offer the latest solutions and technologies within the security industry and customize products and services after our customers needs.


PAS Card has become neXus

Take a look at what the future holds.

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Opening hours

Monday - Thursday: 08:00 - 17:00
Friday: 08:00 - 16:00

Our webshop and neXus Online Services is open 24-7



Need to fill up the shelfs?

Have you run out of supplies and consumables for your plastic card printer? We have what you need.

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Application Whitelisting

Have you ever wondered how many new viruses, Trojans and spyware applications are released every day? We know: there are thousands of them.

Read about how you can take control over your system.

neXus Cloud Service

neXus Cloud Services

All neXus solutions are available via the cloud: neXus operates the software and IT infrastructure and you access it as a service

Read more about neXus Cloud Services.